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Eyebrows [/ h2_with_line]

Eyebrow pigmentation is a perfect solution if you find it difficult to draw an even eyebrow line or if your eyebrows have become out of shape due to too much epilation. Scars in your eyebrows can also be corrected. Thanks to the hairstroke technique, we can apply very natural hair, creating a smooth and natural-looking eyebrow.

result of an eyebrow treatment with pmustudionicole

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Eyeliners [/ h2_with_line]

Permanent eyeliner makes your eyes more expressive and gives you a full glance. Moreover, you don’t have to worry that your makeup will run out. The eyeliner is applied between your eyelashes. Above, below or above and below: just what you want and fits your face. The result is a beautiful, sleek eyeliner with a natural effect.

eyeliner after treatment

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Lip contours [/ h2_with_line]

Lip contours give your lips an extra accent and ensure that your lipstick never runs out between the creases of your mouth. It is also a good way to make your lips look fuller naturally. Are your lips a bit pale? Then you can have it color nicely with lip contours (full lips). You can choose from different colors and effects.

nice lip contours after the treatment

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